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self-taught photographer from Kraków, Poland, fascinated with street and social-documentary photography. I got interested in photography when I was 15 years old - in 2013. Before my upcoming trip to Morocco, parents bought me a compact camera. I started documenting everything around me. I did not expect that it will change my way of perceiving the World. In the middle of 2016 I found that street photography is that genre that gives me most satisfaction and the best opportunity to learn the art of the photography. Since that time, I have been taking my camera with me, wherever I go and try to capture people living in the city.

I am this type of person who always have a lot of time for everything I love to do. I am patient person. I love observe other people and I can do it for hours. 


Awards & Exhibitions


Grand Press Photo 2018 - Young Poland Category - Honorable Mention


London Street Photography Festival - Under 21s - Second Place

Moscow International Foto Awards 2017 - Honorable Mentioned

The Independent Photographer Street Photography Awards Editor's Picks (1 of  10) 


Warsaw Street Fotomaraton GRAND PRIX



Part of exhibition within London Street Photography Festival in London

Part of "Equinox" exhibition within Krakow Photo Fringe 2017 festival


Part of "ФОТО.ОБРАЗ" Exhibition КультПроект Gallery in Moscow


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If you liked my work, have any suggestion or questions let me know by sending a message few centimeters below. On the menu bar you can find social media buttons. Check out my facebook photo-blog fan page  to keep up with my newest workflow. Follow me on Instagram @get.close.channel where you can find even more photos. From time to time I use Twitter too. Check out my store page, maybe you find something for you. Also, if you are open-handed person, then you can buy me a cup of coffee or roll of film. The choice is yours. 

Thank you for your support in pursuing my passion.


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