Contact Sheet Project: 1

Walking around eastern Berlin I noticed this well-built man with no shirt and many tattoos on the chest and arms. He was walking with three little dogs.  I knew I had to take a picture of him. He was the type of this category of people who always aroused a lot of my curiosity. Not framing at all, I took one photo and I turned out that it was the last shoot on a roll. I started following him and tried to load next roll of film at the same time. When he went into metro/underground I already knew that I can’t take candid photo. I stopped him and asked if I can take a portrait of him. He agreed, but I had to ask him to wait, because I have to change the film (It was the slowest reload ever).  I took some photos. The best one was the first photo on the new roll and.. It was with light leaks on it. Anyway, it is still quite good photo I think.

I don’t remember or maybe he didn’t tell me what his name is. He is from Bulgaria, now living in Berlin. A few days later I met him again on Alexanderplatz. He told me he is looking for a job and in the evening he is drawing with a chalk on the ground to earn some money. 

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